Sunday, March 15, 2009

More birthday pics...

Since I wanted to post so many pictures, I divided it into 2 posts. Thank you to my dad who was the wonderful photographer throughout the party.

Madison enjoyed opening presents, but she wanted to play with each one. I was able to distract her for a little bit, but halfway through, she was done. She just wanted to play with her toys. So I was lucky to have Evan and Elaina there to help open presents!

Madison had no idea how to blow out her candles, but Evan was dying to help out. Before we knew it, he leaned over and started blowing!

And here is Jandra trying to hold him back so Madison will at least have a chance! The kids were so cute!!
The kids found the ball pit in the guest room and went crazy!

Madison got a lot of bubble toys for her birthday and just loved them!

Nikki and Madison playing with bubbles

Madison loves her babies and she got a little highchair for them. So she dragged it outside so she could feed her baby. So cute!
Madison got this table and chairs along with her tea party set. She was having so much fun that afternoon.

Madison's 2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend was Madison's 2nd birthday party. We all had a great time. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful! We were able to open the back door and let everyone run in and out all day. We were very blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family celebrate with us.

Since Madison loves Elmo, we of course, decided to have an Elmo themed party. But I wanted a girlie birthday cake for her instead of just a red cake. So I ordered a pink cake with red and white polka dots. It turned out beautiful!!

Joe and his little girl, Ella

My partner in crime in almost everything I do, Amanda

My brother Brian and our sweet little nephew, Austin

Madison loves to take care of her little cousin. We know the second he starts walking, he's going to be following her around wherever she goes. Those two will be getting into all sorts of trouble.

Sesame Street Live

Last weekend, we took Madison to see Sesame Street Live since she loves Elmo. I think she had a lot of fun. My parents bought her a little toy and she seemed pretty interested in the show. We left after about an hour and a half because by that point, Madison had lost interest. But it was fun to see how excited she was to see Elmo and friends. Plus, she gets excited to see other little kids so she had fun flirting with the boy in front of us. :)