Saturday, June 13, 2009

San Antonio family vacation

We just got back from our first family vacation and it was so much fun! We drove down to San Antonio, TX and spent several days there at Sea World, museums and the riverwalk. And of course, the hotel pools. :) Madison did great on the 8-9 hour drive and just played with her toys, watched DVD's and took naps. What a great girl! We stayed at the Hilton Country Spa hotel right across from Sea World. I would recommend this hotel to anyone...we will definitely stay there again! It was beautiful and kid friendly at the same time. We stayed in a suite so Madison could have her own room (we cannot sleep in the same room or Madison thinks it's playtime). I wish we had the video camera going when we walked into our hotel room (Madison's first hotel stay). She ran around touching the tub, sink, couch, bed, etc. saying "Wow" over and over. She was so excited. The hotel had three pools - one kiddie pool, one regular pool and a lap pool. Madison LOVED swimming in the kiddie pool every evening. We all had such a great time and we can't wait to go back in a couple of years!!

Madison getting ready for some crab at Joe's Crab Shack.

Madison watching and waving to the boats on the riverwalk.

Sea World

We went to Sea World on Wednesday and Thursday. We now wish we would have planned it for one more day, we had so much fun. On Wed, we saw all the animal shows - the sea lion show, dolphin/beluga whale show, and the shamu show. Madison did great even though we were there for a long time (way past nap time). Brad even got to ride the roller coaster while Madison and I cooled off playing in a sprinker. On Thurs, we went to the water park side and had a great time. We didn't get very many pictures since we were in the water and wet most of the day, but we played in the kiddie pool, the wave pool, and the splash zone. And Brad and I took turns riding some of the bigger rides since they weren't very crowded.


On Friday, we went to a Children's Museum. Madison loved it. It was the cutest place and I so wished I was a little kid so I could play there. They had so many different rooms - one looked like a little house with a kitchen, dining room, living room. Madison cooked herself a meal, set the table, and sat down to eat her dinner. Super cute! :) They had a room of tools to build stuff, a grocery store, which Madison LOVED. She filled the little shopping cart and took her stuff to check out at the register. They had a hospital room/nursery with little baby dolls. It was hard making Madison leave the babies in there when she was done playing. She would have taken them everywhere with her. They had many more rooms - camping/fishing area, art room, train set, etc. Very fun place.

Later that day, we went downtown to the Riverwalk and went to the wax museum and Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. Madison was a little wary of the wax figures. I don't think she quite understood what they were and why they looked so real. She enjoyed walking (or riding in her stroller) around the riverwalk. She kept waving to the boats as they drove by.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Playdate with Lili

Deidre and her daughter, Lili, came over for a visit today (they live in Mississippi). I had lots of fun visiting with Deidre and playing with Lili. I think Madison had a good time. It's hard to tell because the girl did not really appreciate anyone playing with her toys. We are really trying to work on the sharing thing. But for the most part, they got along. But I'm exhausted now - two two-year olds will wear you out!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Madison eating a snack

Here is a cute picture of Madison. I gave her a snack, turned around and when I looked back at her, she was sitting with one leg on the table. It was pretty cute so I took a picture. And when I told her I wanted to take another picture of her, she posed for me in the second picture. She's such a cutie. :)

Fun in the Sun

Here are some pictures of Madison playing in the water and in the new pool we bought her. (The whale head sprays out water like a sprinkler but she doesn't really like that). She loved it when Brad put her slide in the pool! And the last picture is of her all worn out that evening right before she went to bed. She was pooped and all she wanted was to curl up with her "blanket" (towel) and watch Little Mermaid (her favorite movie...we watch it everyday).

Grand Lake - Memorial Day Weekend

We went to Grand Lake for Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. Brad and Madison swam off the dock right outside the house. And while Renee played with Madison at the house, the rest of us took the boat out to the party cove. We tied up to some boats, listened to music and hung out for the afternoon. Very relaxing and lots of fun!!

Kristen, Chad, Emily and Jimmy

Joe and Jason

Brad, April, Tammy and Emily