Saturday, September 20, 2008

Zoo trip

Madison and I went to the zoo and met up with our friends, Jandra and Evan. We had a fun time looking at the monkeys, giraffes, and the crazy donkey.

Family Time

Here are some pictures of the Rowland family hanging out. The little one is Madison's cousin, Austin. He's 4 months old and I know Madison can't wait till he can run around with her. She's very good with him -tries to share her toys and sometimes she wants to pick him up and carry him around like her dolls. Fortunately for him, we don't let her do that. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Nebraska vacation

Yes, we took a vacation to Nebraska. Everyone asks "why?" LOL. We went to visit our great friends, Sara, Bill, Coleson (3 yr) and Morgan (5 mo). We had a great time. The kids were great together and really did well sharing, at least until the last day when we were about to leave. Madison loved playing with Coleson's toys - especially the little four wheeler that she could drive all by herself. We just might have to get her one for Christmas. She also loved playing with little toy cars and a big teddy bear that was just about her size. We had lots of fun! Oh, and as you can tell, it was very hard to get one good picture of all three kids together. :)

Playing at home

We have so much fun playing at home. Madison is getting so big. She turned 18 months on Sept 6th and somedays she seems so old. She is starting to say more and more and she's repeating most things we say. So that, of course, means we really need to watch what comes out of our mouths! She has picked up the word "No" and whenever she tells us 'no', she points her finger at us. We are trying to ignore it so she won't use it, but it's very hard not to laugh at! She's also becoming more independent, which is great b/c she can play by herself for short periods, but then she also gets very mad when she is trying to do something by herself and can't quite get it. Very frustrating for her. But she's becoming such a big girl and is so much fun! She's also such a loving child. She gives hugs and kisses and loves to cuddle when she's getting tired.

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Labor Day

On Sunday, we went to the Eck Barbeque. We had a great time visiting family and of course, Madison loved swimming. She also had fun with all the little toddlers around her age. After the Eck Barbeque, we had another barbeque at Renee's house with more family. Madison did great with all the people even though she was a little shy at first.

Labor Day Weekend

Over labor day weekend, we went to Wichita to visit family. On Saturday, we hung out at Renee's (Brad's mom - "Nae-Nae") and swam in the backyard kiddie pool. Madison loved it and of course wanted to swim all day and all night.